About the performance/O predstavi

Process_City Trilogy, 2nd part / Trilogie Process_City, IIème partie

Concept and Directing / Conception et mise en scène : Boris Bakal
Dramaturg / Dramaturge: Katarina Pejovic, Boris Bakal, Stanko Juzbasic
Authors and Performers / Auteurs et performeurs : Jelena Lopatic, Emil Matesic, Bojan Navojec, Ena Schulz, Lara Finadri, Elisa Pinna, Sosso Hadzimanoli, Helena Kalinic, Zrinka Kusevic,  Nikša Marinović, Stanko Juzbasic, Mladen Hrvoje Ilic, Boris Bestak, Katarina Pejovic, Boris Bakal (Petra Zanki, Antonija Stanišić, Damir Klemenić, Alle Valle Garzia, Lada Bonacci, Dean Krivacic, )
Costume design / Costumes: Martina Franic
Set & Design : Boris Bakal (Zeljko Serdarevic, Dragan Mileusnic)
Technical director / Directeur technique : Sinisa Jakovcevic
Collaborators / Collaborateurs : Milan Zerjav, Ognjen Bogojevic

The performance is the second part of the trilogy Process_City inspired by Franz Kafka’s novel The Trial and its philosophical and political implications. Ex-position tackles one part of The Trial: the parable Legend of the Law, in the form of a unique travel through one’s own memory, feelings and sub-consciousness.

Ex-position is secretly in love with the movie Amélie Poulain, evokes Shakespeare’s King Lear (scene with Edgar and Lord Gloucester), quotes Shadow Casters (methodology of "majeutics and synchronicity")  and Felix Rückert ("Das Ring"), attentively reads Herr Franz Kafka ("Journals"), sig. Giorgio Agamben (Il giorno del giudizio, Rome, Nottetempo, 2004) and Mr. Danijel Dragojevic, (e.g. "Fairy-tall about doors")  while thinking all along on the project B.E.N.E. (S.A.D.E.?) by Orchestra Stolpnik or Carmelo Bene.

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