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This year will be 10 years since we first time presented Ex-pozition in Zagreb 
at Urban Festival 2005 at one very special place - the ex-factory Gorica (producing famous enamel pots and pans with elephant brand sign!). 

Since that moment we performed this extraordinary theatre and intermedia journey 
in Croatia (Pula, Split, Križevci, Bjelovar and Zagreb), Serbia (Belgrade, 
Subotica), Bosna i Hercegovina (Sarajevo), Montenegro (Podgorica), Hungary (Szeged), Germany (Chemnitz) and Romania (Cluj) reciving more then positive
response from audience and critics (Bitef festival special price -Belgrade, MESS critic award - Sarajevo, PUF Festival main award - Pula, etc).

In 2015. we will present this show again in Zagreb and several other Croatian 

cities, but also abroad - in Czech Republic, Germany, Armenia, Macedonia and Slovenia.



More about this on: Festival FEN    STARTING POINT: Hotel Imperial, Opatija

**EX-POSITION was presented in Zagreb within the 7th Croatian Theatre Showcase on October 22nd and 23rd (2011) from 10.30am to 4 pm at the elementary school Dr. Ivan Marz in Rackoga street no.4

Info: and +38514640262 (+385981658186).

Concept and Directing/
Dramaturgy/ Direction

Authors and Performers/

Technical director/
Duration of the performance/
Boris Bakal  
Katarina Pejovic, Boris Bakal, Stanko Juzbašić

Jelena Lopatić, Emil Matešić, Bojan Navojec,
Ena Schulz, Helena Kalinić, Nina Violić, Tanja Vrvilo, Zrinka Kušević (Ena Schulz, Antonija Stanišić, Petra Zanki), Stanko Juzbašić, Mladen Hrvoje Ilić, Boris Beštak, Katarina Pejović, Boris Bakal
Boris Bakal 
Martina Franić
Željko Serdarević, Dragan Mileusnić
Siniša Jakovčević
Milan Žerjav, Tomislav Pavlić
depending on the number of journeys taken:
min. 1h 30’, max. 4h. 30’

00. The season 2010 for performance EX-POSITION finished on the second edition of the International Theater Festival INTERFERENCES on December 4th in Cluj-Napoca, Romania in Fabrica de Pensule Soon we will post critics from over the 30 Romanian and Hungarian radio, tv and press reviews on the show.

01 EX-POSITION was shown on May 28 and 29 on international festival Chemnitz- schonste blume des Ostens.

01. Ex-position was the one of the main festival success in Subotica, Serbia on newly lunched international festival DESIRE. The performance was played in fantastic Liberty stile building in the core of the city - Ferenc Raichle Palace.

02. 5th CROATIAN THEATRE SHOWCASE, Zagreb, between November 5 – 9, 2009. presented to international programmers and artists a new version of Ex-position (with all 9 stories!!).

03. Exposition was performed twice at MKC (Multimedia cultural centre) in Split, Croatia on October 10 and 11. This was a total match between place, performace, audience and critics!!

04. EX-POSITION was presented on July 3rd in main programme of 15. international theatre festival PUF in Pula, (fantastic city on Croatian coast) where it won the main festival award OBLAK (CLOUD). See here.

05. EX-POSITION was also shown to international audience within Showcase programme of the conference PSI#15 (Performance Studies International) on June 26 and 27 (2009) in Zagreb, Croatia.

Trilogy "Proces_city" had its world premiere on MESS International Theater Festival in Sarajevo between October 19th and 23rd, ("Vacation from History", "Ex-position" & "process_in_progress").

There trilogy won a critic award "Avaz's Dragon".

Ex-position was also performed in 2008. in Hungarian city Szeged on July 24th and 25th from 15h-19hon 18th international festival THEALTER. Soon we will post the translations of Hungarian critics. It was fantastic experience to be there!!

Thanks to all of you who were on our lasts shows in Zagreb on April 18, 19 and 20 - you were fantastic audience - again!!

If you have anything to sugest, complain or to ask, do not hesitate - call us on +385 98 28 73 73 or write to
Send us your e-mail addresses if you want direct news on your desktop!


4. Croatian theater showcase by ITI CROATIA - UNESCO, ZAGREB CROATIA
We thank all of you visited us on October 18 i 20, 2007, in the frame of the "Best of Croatian Theater" Showcase organised by The ITI-UNESCO Croatian Centre (International Theatre Institute).

Ex-position has won unanimously the Special Jury Award at the 41st International Theatre Festival BITEF in Belgrade, where it performed from September 27 to 29. It has also won the Second Audience Prize, being behind the first-prized performance by a narrow margine of 0,01%. For more information see
*** EX-POSITION was shown at   International Festival “Chemnitz – Schonste Blume Des Ostens!”, Zieschestrasse 28, Chemnitz, Germany on May 28 / 29, 2010.

Ex-position also took part on Septemeber 12. i 13. at the International Alternative Theatre Festival FIAT in Podgorica, Montenegro.

Thanks to everybody who payed us a visit in Bjelovar, Krizevci, Podgorica and Belgrade!!

Write to us at:

For reservations please call:
+385 1 462 02 62 (10-16h)
+385 98 28 73 73 (12-18h)

Ex-position was so far in the official programme of the following festivals:
Urbanfestival, Zagreb, Croatia, September 2005
Eurokaz, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2006
Bokfest, Bjelovar, Croatia, April/May 2007
Festival Spravišće, Križevci, Croatia, June 2007
FIAT - International Alternative Theatre Festival, Podgorica-Montenegro, 2007
BITEF - Belgrade International Theater Festival, Belgrade, Serbia, 2007
3rd CROATIAN THEATER SHOWCASE, October 17-21, Zagreb. 2007
THEALTER, Szeged, Hungary, July, 24&25, 2008
48. MESS - November 18-29, Sarajevo, Bosna and Hercegovina, 2008.
PSI#15, Zagreb, Croatia, June 2009
PUF, Pula, Croatia, July 2009
5th CROATIAN THEATER SHOWCASE, Zagreb, Croatia, November 2009
DESIRE, Subotica, Serbia, November 2009
Chemnitz - schonste blume des Ostens - Chemnitz/Germany 2010
INTERFERENCES, Cluj-Napoca/Romania 2010
7th CROATIAN THEATER SHOWCASE, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011

 Awards and Nominations:

  • Main Award CloudPUF (Pula International Theatre Festival, 2009)
  • Avaz Dragon Award (as part of the trilogy Process_City) - MESS (Sarajevo International Theatre Festival, 2008)
  • Special Jury Award and Second Audience Prize - BITEF (Belgrade International Theatre Festival, 2007)
  • Nomination for the 2006  Croatian Theater Award (HDDU award) for Best Directing

Last year, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia has allocated a part of its budget for the experimental feature film Ex-position. . ( Financing the film industry in Croatia in 2006. ) The movie is our project based on the performance by the same name and same inspiration.

Dear friends, colleagues and visitors

The multimedia art organisation SHADOW CASTERS extends its apologies to all those who were not able to see the performance EX-POSITION at the 2005 Urban Festival, to all those who were not able to see it in July 2006 at the 20th jubilee edition of Eurokaz, as well as to those who were not able to see it again in Zagreb in October 2006. We also apologise to all those who missed it this year in Zagreb (April), Bjelovar and Križevic (May), and especially to those in Podgorica, Montenegro and Belgrade, Serbia who were deprived of the event in September. On this occasion, we apologise in advance to all those who might not be able to see it even in the new cycle of re-runs in Zagreb as well as in Bologna, Oslo, Budapest, Skopje, Berlin, Rijeka, Zadar and some other cities. To put it simply this is the integral part of the performance.

For all those first, second and third ones, a small reminder on the who’s, the what’s and the what for’s: The urban theatre project EX-POSITION is founded on the essay THE JUDGEMENT DAY BY the Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben, at once drawing the inspiration from Kafka’s story LEGEND OF THE LAW. Besides these, there are numerous references that are interweaved in the performance: Jeunet’s movie Amélie Poulain, Walles’ Trial, Shakespeare’s King Lear, along with previous projects of Shadow Casters. EX-POSITION is the second part of the trilogy PROCESS_CITY that was launched in 2004 with its third part, PROCESS_IN_PROGRESS at the 13th Croatian FIlm Days.

Director and Author of Concept: Boris Bakal
Dramaturgy: Boris Bakal, Katarina Pejovic, Stanko Juzbasic
Music and sounds: Stanko Juzbasic
Authors and performers: Boris Bakal, Boris Beštak, Stanko Juzbasic, Jelena Lopatic, Mladen Hrvoje Ilic, Emil Matesic, Bojan Navojec, Katarina Pejovic, Ena Schulz, Tanja Vrvilo
Special appearance: Tomislav Jurcec
Set Design: Boris Bakal (Dragan Mileusnic)
Costume Design: Martina Franic
Collaborators: Iva Aras, Ognjen Bogojevic, Ivan Bauk, Mario Mavrin, Milan Zerjav
Production Assistant/PR: Vanja Zanko
Poster Design: Zeljko Serdarevic/Dragan Mileusnic
Production: Shadow Casters
Co-production: Urban Festival 2005, Orchestra Stolpnik (Bologna, Italy), Veletrznice Zagreb
Financial Support: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, City Municipality of Zagreb - Office for Culture, Education and Sport
Donations: Zagrebacka banka
Special thanks: Damir Bartol Indos, Damir Klemenic, Ratko Perica, Iva Aras and Ivana Perković
Bhotos by: Boris Bakal, Srećko Horvat, Srđan Kovačević, Katarina Pejović, Ivan Slipčević i Vesna Vuković

SHADOW CASTERS (BACACI SJENKI) is a non-profit international artistic and production platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, creatin and reflection of intermedia arts. One of the main focuses of their work is dealing with urban space through various artistic interventions and projects. Up to this day, SHADOW CASTERS have realised the following projects: Shadow Casters, Process_in_Progress (process_city 03), Man is Space: Vitic_Dances, Re-collecting City, Re-collecting Time and Ex-position (process_city 02).

More on the show also at:
Eurokaz international festival 2006
International Urbanfestival Zagreb2005
Vijenac (by-monthly magazine), br. 322, 06. srpnja 2006.
Feral Tribune (by-monthly magazine), 06. srpnja 2006.
Webzin: F.I.L.M.
Webzin: Kupus (Ivan Kralj, Eurokaz post-festum)
Radio 101
Andrija Tunjić, "Nadilaženje jezika i kultura", Vjesnik, 1. July 2006
Igor Ružić, Radio 101, Annual review 2006: Theater
Sandro Novosel, Exposing and shifting positions - theater atraction of the year in Križevci, June 12. 2007
Ivana Matijević, Danas, 29. September, 2007. "Ex-position" Shadow Caster's theater "one on one"
Ana Tasić, Politika, 02. october, 2007. "Endlessly inspiring"(BITEF 41.)
Renate Klett, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 04. listopada, 2007. "Wer nicht sehen kann, muss fühlen",(BITEF 41.)
Bojan Munjin, Feral Tribune, 4. listopada, 2007. "Honorary chalk circle"

Contact info:
Bacaci Sjenki (Shadow Casters)
Bosanska 10
10000 Zagreb/Croatia
+385 98 28 73 73
+385 91 738 95 06
fax +385 (0)1 485 57 29

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